How to Create a Gluten Free Cheese Platter

Cheese is basically the glue that holds my life together. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I’m Celiac and not lactose-intolerant! They make gluten free cake that’s still pretty close to the taste of its glutenous counterpart, but have you ever tried dairy-free cheese? It’s terrible! Nothing can compete with the real thing.

I recently moved apartments (hence the 2 weeks between posts…it’s been chaotic!) and I wanted a fun way to celebrate with a small group of friends. Since I choose my friends wisely, of course everyone was thrilled with the idea of a wine and cheese party! Ok, it was mostly wine, but the cheese was a hit too 🙂


I’m always excited to walk into a party and be greeted with a big ol’ cheese plate. The downside is that they’re actually not gluten free most of the time. If the crackers contain gluten, the odds are very high that there will be stray crumbs on the platter, in the cheese, and eventually in your sensitive little Celiac digestive system. Gluten poisoning is no way to live life, so I wanted to create a template for a delicious gluten free cheese plate that even your gluten-eating friends will love!

Here’s a list of what I included on my cheese platter. All of the cheese was from a local organic co-op, and everything else either links to the product or lists where I bought it.



  • 1 soft cheese – I used brie
  • 1 Blue cheese – I used a gorgonzola
  • 1 medium cheese – I used a garlic and herb cheddar
  • 1 hard cheese – I used manchego



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